After Hours & Emergencies


Physicians: Russell L. Wavrin, M.D., Mary Anne Jacob, M.D., Juan C. Angelats, M.D., Daniel T. Chow, M.D., Jennifer L. Schwab, M.D., Paige E. Persch, M.D.

Certified Nurse Practitioners: Jaimi L. Anderson, APRN, CNP, Vicki I. Buth, APRN, CNP, Heidi Helleck-Sprang, APRN, CNP, Shirley J. Jarcho, APRN, CNP

After Hours

Call the office at 952-927-4045

Your call will be automatically rolled over to the Answering Service. They will contact the on-call physician who will then contact you.


If you are in need of a prescription, please call your pharmacy.

Please be aware that your regular pharmacy may not be open after hours, so have an alternate telephone for a 24-hour pharmacy.

Do not attempt to contact the on-call physician in an emergency situation. Time is of the essence.

Severe Emergencies: Dial 911